Art's Nursery Ltd.

Art's Nursery Ltd.
8940 192 Street
Surrey BC

Company Description:

n 1973, Art attempted 'retirement' from his previous business by growing fields of roses for the nursery trade. He was open to the public on weekends, and as a result, Art's Saturday & Sunday Nursery was born.

With humble beginnings that included primitive greenhouses, a quaint fibre shed, carport and sawdust covered floors, the weekend nursery slowly expanded and grew in popularity. Over time it became necessary to open our doors to the public seven days a week. Soon thereafter, the business was renamed to the current Art's Nursery Ltd. The business continued to expand and innovate.

One of Art's most successful ideas was the use of golf carts on the nursery. Customers could browse and shop our large location with more convience and speed. The idea proved so popular that many people still refer to us as the Golf Cart Nursery.

Today, Art's nursery is still located in its original Port Kells, Surrey/Langley, British Columbia location and is one of Metro Vancouver's largest and most successful retail & wholesale garden centres and nurseries. The business is still family owned and operated by Art, members of his family, and over 30 professional staff including horticulturists, landscape designers and plant lovers. The nursery prides itself on the huge selection of high quality plants it provides, its professional horticultural service, and its competitive pricing.

With a 10+ acre retail location and over 35 additional acres of active growing area, Art's selection of plants, shrubs and trees is second to none. We also carry a wide variety of bulk materials, fertilizers and many other types of gardening supplies. Our diverse and ever changing selection of plant material is sure to keep you garden fresh and lively while maintaining Art's reputation as a Gardening Paradise. The quality of our plants is superb. Grown in-house by our own professional staff or supplied by large and small growers through-out B.C. and the Pacific Northwest, you are guaranteed to receive happy, healthy, thriving plants. We even backup our quality with Art's own Plant Guarantee.

Art's staff of trained horticulturalists, keen gardeners and experienced growers enables us to serve you better. Bring us your questions and feel free to ask for advice. We'll provide recommendations and do our best to help you solve any problems. We even offer our own landscape consultation, design and installation service if you need more gardening assistance.

Art's also believes in providing very competitive prices. Come in and browse through our products and compare our prices - we are sure that you will find our prices to be very reasonable. And don't forget to ask about our Volume Rewards Program!