Ayagi North America

Ayagi North America
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Company Description:

Ayagi is a lightweight decking material that is made in Japan. Ayagi’s aluminum skeleton provides a rigid structural component that allows it to safely span wider joists without flexing. It’s hollow honeycomb-like center provides a conduit for heat which makes the material cool to the touch even in boiling summer months.

Ayagi is easy to cut on a standard miter saw on the jobsite. Moreover, its lightness and rigidity makes it a pleasure to move on the jobsite. Delivery by truck and lift is safer and less expensive and without damage to the bottom pieces.

Ayagi is superior looking as well. It has a thick profile making it pleasing to the eye without adding a fascia board. Ayagi looks remarkable on stairs. Ayagi is offered in wide and standard plank widths that provides a custom look. Ayagi comes in not only wood grain but also stone and concrete finishes that provide a unique style to any outdoor environment.

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20% off Ayagi material if ordered by your contractor.

New Products

Ayagi decking material, Ayagi decking material with grooved side profile for hidden fastener, hidden fastener for wood joists, Ayagi Louver material.

Certifications & Awards

A1454, A5721 Industrial Standards

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