FG Artificial Lawns

FG Artificial Lawns
5628 Imperial Street, Suite A
Burnaby BC
Booth: 940

Company Description:

FG Lawns has developed a brand new type of synthetic lawn called AVIVA TURF®. It’s made specifically to withstand the Canadian climate, so it can be enjoyed by residents across this great nation! We ship our products right away and they’re available wherever you find yourself living – whether that’s Vancouver or Halifax; Toronto or Montreal… Even if there isn’t an FG store nearby (we’ve got locations strategically placed near major cities), we’ll deliver as long as your address is within Canada.
Ask us about our artificial grass and we will answer all of your questions! Our team members specialize in educating customers on how they can have a beautiful lawn without having to work hard for it. Plus, with AVIVA TURF® you won’t need any more tools or time – just call today so that one-of-a-kind experts come out right away at no cost whatsoever.


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