Iridia Medical

Iridia Medical
1644 West 3rd Avenue
Vancouver BC
Booth: 633

Company Description:

At Iridia Medical, we are dedicated to enabling peace of mind for those called upon to respond to medical emergencies.

Established in 1998, Iridia Medical pioneered the first public-access defibrillator program in BC. Since then, we have expanded our services across four essential divisions, each playing a crucial role in our mission.

1. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Solutions:

Distributing top-of-the-line AEDs and offering comprehensive training, support, and medical direction services.

2. Remote Care Services:

Setting industry standards for remote and high-risk work sites. Providing paramedic teams, equipment, mobile medical units, and telemedicine-supported medical direction.

3. Medical Consulting:

Influencing healthcare delivery and offering emergency preparedness guidance.
Serving a diverse clientele, including health authorities, public healthcare facilities, EMS providers, and police and fire departments.

4. Organizational Health Programs:

Comprehensive programs supporting physical, physiological, mental, and behavioral health. Customized assessments, ongoing monitoring, and return-to-work facilitation ensuring the well-being of your team from day one to retirement.

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ZOLL AED 3 and ZOLL AED Plus $400 off.

Certifications & Awards

DAP accreditation

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