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Company Description:

LIVOS was founded in Germany in 1970 by a group of researchers who wanted to develop a natural alternative to the toxic and polluting finishing products on the market. A pioneer and leader in the industry, LIVOS is the first manufacturer of eco-friendly wood oil in the world.

LIVOS was introduced to Québec in 2004 by Ghislain Lebel, a cabinetmaker from Mauricie. Concerned by the strong odours and toxic fumes emitted by the products he used in his line of work, Mr. Lebel decided that he no longer wanted to work in an environment full of carcinogenic products. He discovered natural and toxin-free LIVOS products and introduced the line of eco-conscious solutions to the Québec market.

LIVOS uses the chemistry of plants to develop ecological, high-quality products that pose no risk to health. No synthetics are used in LIVOS products, and the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are non-toxic. LIVOS uses nearly 150 renewable materials in its formulations, all of which are subject to continued quality- and toxicity-control testing.

The following are the main ingredients in ou products: Linseed oil, lemon oil, beeswax, turpentine, orange oil, rosemary oil.

The complete list of ingredients in each of our formulations appears on our product labels.

Transparency values

At LIVOS we believe it is fundamental that our values of health, safety and environmental protection are reflected in the design of all our products. This is why we stand for public accountability and state the complete composition of all our products.

All LIVOS products are submitted to numerous quality tests for optimal technical quality. LIVOS thus takes advantage of natural plant substances to design both healthy and effcient oils to protect, maintain and enhance the beauty and features of the wood. Especially made of linseed oil, dammar, and a highly pure isoaliphate solvent which is a harmless and non toxic product used in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. LIVOS wood oil is biodegradable, integrated in the ecosystem and non toxic upon and after applying. This way you do not need to wear a mask or leave home during the application. It is safe for pregnant women, children and animals.

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