Premier Audio Video Integration

Premier Audio Video Integration
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Vancouver BC
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Imagine a house that adapts to your lifestyle and creates your perfect home environment every day. When you wake up in the morning, your house wakes up with you: the lights turn on gradually while the shades adjust to allow a small amount of sunlight, helping you to rise; the heat kicks on, after being in energy saving mode during the night; perhaps your favorite radio station begins playing at just the right volume. As you pull out of the driveway to work, a single button push locks the doors and arms the security system behind you. The possibilities are endless.

Premier Audio Video Integration works with you to create a fully customized living and working experience. Our home automation systems link all the features of your home or office together in one easy-to-use device, such as your smart phone, computer, tablet, or remote. We pride ourselves on making every smart system simple to use; nothing is complicated or intimidating for even the least tech-savvy person.

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