Rubber Surfaces Inc.

Rubber Surfaces Inc.
#1250, 639 5th ave SW
Calgary Ab
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Company Description:

Rubber Surfaces Inc will provide you with a cost effective, non-slip, recycled tire rubber surface.
Our rubber surfacing can be applied over pretty much any substrate. This eliminates cost by simply repurposing your existing deteriorating surface as a base for our product. Snow and Ice will not stick to it so you will enjoy great traction all winter long. In the summertime, it will not heat up as much as concrete, asphalt or tile, thereby eliminating burning your feet or your pets paws on your patio or pool deck.
Rubber Surfacing is cold poured in place and has no offensive smell. It cures in 24-48 hours so with its one day installation, there is minimal disruption to your household. In addition to using the recycled black tire rubber, Rubber Surfaces Inc can also provide high quality synthetic coloured rubber to create specific designs and give your home the best curb appeal on the street.


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