UP a Notch Sustainability Solutions Ltd.

UP a Notch Sustainability Solutions Ltd.
517 Union Street
Vancouver BC
Booth: 1779

Company Description:

UpaNotch caters to the individual, family or a business team that is looking to make positive change in their spaces where you live, work and play. Design and Logistics is at the core of our solutions for you and your family or team. Looking to change the foyer or entranceway of your office to be inviting and comfortable, putting customers and visitors at ease when they arrive? Making your Family room work best for the way you use your home and how your family lives? Making a change to your kitchen or bathroom that makes sense and provides harmony, piece of mind and tranquility when you enjoy these spaces?

Harmony of the Spaces, Feng Shui, Kanso, and Simplicity guide our design and project flow. Being part of the process of building your space to live, work and play more effectivily is what we strive to do.

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