Vandenberg Landscape Design

Vandenberg Landscape Design
Aldergrove BC
Booth: 819; G6

Company Description:

Are you ready for a change of scenery?
You’ve been thinking about a change for a while now. Life has changed. You’ve changed. Now your landscape needs to change. And the more you think about freshening things up a bit, the more excited you get about it.

Your vision is becoming clearer. And yet... even though you’re excited about the possibilities of a new landscape, you’re not really looking forward to the process.

We understand that feeling. When it comes to reimagining your front or backyard, you can’t entrust your dreams to just anyone. At Vandenberg, we know that choosing a contractor is an important decision. That’s why we do things a little differently.

The difference an established company makes.
Forty years ago, Henry Vandenberg started our company with a simple goal: to help people care for and enjoy their yards. Since then, we’ve grown and matured as a company, mostly as a result of asking a simple but profound question: “why?”

We believe that asking this question is the most important first step we can take with you. Because when we start with “why?” we get to know you and what it is that you value in life.

This purpose-driven process is where our best designs come from — and it’s what sets us apart from others. It’s also one of the most important ways we accomplish our mission: to improve the way people experience landscape services.