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Ygartua Original Art
1330 Harwood Street, Suite 1108
Vancouver BC
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Paul Ygartua, born in 1945 in Bebington, England, is a highly versatile artist known for his prolific career in painting and muralism. Graduating from Liverpool Art College in 1965, he later immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, where he dedicated his life to painting. Ygartua's work spans a wide spectrum, seamlessly blending abstraction and figuration. His stylistic versatility encompasses Realism, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Post Expressionism, Surrealism, Abstract Surrealism, and Future Conceptualism—a technique he pioneered.

Ygartua's artistic prowess is evident in his ability to simultaneously work on various styles, mediums, and techniques. His notable "Heritage Series" murals, such as the Native Heritage Mural in Chemainus, BC, depict North American Natives and other ethnic and cultural groups. The artist has left a significant mark globally, with monumental murals like "The World United" commissioned by the United Nations for the World Expo 86 Vancouver and "Legends of the Millennium," considered one of the largest murals ever painted by a single artist.

Having bases in Canada, France, Spain, and England, Ygartua has earned a reputation as a mural miracle maker, particularly with his 2013 mural "United in History," commemorating the history of Denny Island and The Heiltsuk Nation in Bella Bella. His remarkable career showcases an unwavering commitment to creation and interpretation, establishing him as an innovative and influential artist on the international stage.

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