Tips to enjoy fall weather – day or night - inside or out

Oct 26, 2023, 16:22 PM

Beautiful autumn pathway with orange and red leaves falling from trees

Summer always ends too soon, but many of us will put on our sweaters and wear socks with our sandals as we continue to barbecue as long as humanly possible. However, the end of summer isn’t a bad thing. Fall is a beautiful season with changing colors, fresh breezes, and of course, Halloween! If you want to make the most out of the changing seasons, here are some tips to help you enjoy fall weather – day or night.

Buy, or make, a porch blanket.

Blonde woman sitting on porch swing under plaid blue blanket at night


There’s nothing better than taking your morning coffee out onto the porch and breathing in some of that cool fall weather air to help you wake up and feel refreshed in the morning. You can also enjoy fall by sitting out any time of day, especially if you’ve got some Vine Maples, Franklin Trees, or Red Oaks in your neighborhood. Having a dedicated outdoor blanket, especially one with fall colors, is a great way to encourage getting fresh air and enjoying the fall weather, even as it cools down in the evenings. Experience all the fall colors without the cold.

Create a window nook.

Reading nook with hot drink glasses, white pumpkin decor, red mum and grey warm blanket


You can experience fall weather without even going outside if the cooler weather isn’t your thing. A reading nook, specifically placed in one of your windows allows you to get closer to those beautiful fall colors and natural light without having to don extra clothing for that outdoor walk.


Dress weather appropriate.

Brown fall sweater with big orange maple leaf on top next to movie theatre handheld sign


It’s cozy sweater season and even if you don’t go outside, you can enjoy the changing seasons by cracking open your fall/winter wardrobe and wearing your favorite comfy clothes while you’re reading, eating, watching TV, or working from home. And if you decide to venture outside, to enjoy fall, you can put less layers on top since you’re already dressed for cooler temps.


Decorate your porch.

Front porch with black door, black rain boots, mini white pumpkins and orange mums plus a black and white plaid porch blanket


In addition to investing (or making) a porch blanket, you can decorate your porch to make sitting out there and enjoying the cooler weather a much nicer experience. From seasonal décor, to pumpkins, or just adding some twinkly lights – creating an experience for yourself at home is a great way to get more satisfaction out of sitting outside and enjoying fall weather. Decorating your porch also gives your neighbors something pretty to look at while they are out for walks to enjoy fall.


Interior Fall Décor.

Interior design orange and white pillows plus pumpkin pillows, orange fake flowers and an orange and a white pumpkin on a table in front of a grey couch

If you really want to enjoy fall, and appreciate the fall weather, you can bring the outdoors, indoors. Why not DIY some fall décor with the kids? You can keep them busy, celebrate the changing seasons, decorate the home, and genuinely enjoy fall by choosing one or more of these fall décor DIY activities to do with the family.


Attend Halloween Events.

Daughter and Father dressed as skeletons wearing black and white face paint in front of carved pumpkins and white candles making a face


‘Tis the season to enjoy fall colors, eat and drink pumpkin or apple EVERYTHING, and get spooky for Halloween. Attending Halloween or fall-themed events to help get into the seasonal spirit is a great way to enjoy the fall weather – even if those events are indoors. Chances are, the kids are going to want to go Trick ‘r Treating outside, which means you get a second use out of that costume, if you want it. You can also go apple picking, to pumpkin patches or just for a walk at a nearby park to get up close and personal and enjoy fall weather.



Whether you’re looking to take on a home project this fall, hire a contractor before winter, or you’re just looking for some fall design inspiration, come to a nearby show and meet local experts.